custom Arcitectural fabrication, custom public art fabricatioN

  1. Public & Private Art

  2. Commercial & Residential Architectural Features

  3. Staircases & Railings

  4. Decorative Landscape Metalwork (Fences, Gates, Planters, Canopies & Water Features)

  5. Custom Furniture


Laborare est orare.


We are skilled workers from the custom architectural fabrication industry. Together we have designed, managed, built, and installed architectural and public art projects all over the world (Toronto, New York, Vancouver, Dubai, Macau, Montreal, Barbados, Bahamas).

We have joined together to form a company we are proud of. We enjoy the physical, hands-on building of the projects, as it allows us to manage and control a high level of attention to detail.

We can build your custom staircases, lobby features, or public art projects and are not limited by complexity, scale or materials. We are proud to be a very lean company with the experience that can produce complex projects with reasonable budgets and timelines.