Molecular Trees @ Humber River Regional Hospital
 The Forest and The Trees  by Micah Lexier  Brookfield Place Calgary  27 feet square consisting 1225 bronze-coated, cast aluminum tiles
Historic Bronze Doors for UofT's Harthouse
Steel & Brass Stair
Blackened Steel
Galvanized Plate Entrance Stair
Diamond & Schmitt Scalloped Shelving
Feature Stair Parkside Student Residence
Corten Telescopic Fence and Gate
Bay Window Exterior Rainscreen
Penguin Random House Convenience Stair
Feature Wall - Daniel Libeskind
5 Dresses, 60' Tall, Rotating
Exterior Residential Stair
Steel & Walnut Table 12x4'
Custom Corten Planters
A Clock Set to 24hrs in the Future
Spirits of the Grotto by Luis Jacob